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michael drums
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Default Re: The Real Football Thread

Originally Posted by Erik Lund View Post
Funny you bring that up Wave. This year is starting to be "Year of the Kicker" - The guys using their feet are putting up the best numbers by kickers ever. Longer field goal averages, more attempts...

The only punter who doesn't have enough attempts per game to qualify for league leaders is on the Pats...Because they don't need to punt very often. (They're very good)

Oh here's some football talk for you from the Whiner.
Well Erik...

All I can say is, the Patriots BETTER win it all this year. Or there's gonna be A LOT of football "experts" whining...STILL!

Hee...hee... Just think about that. The Patriots dominate the whole league in '07-'08...and lose the SB! Or worse...don't even make it to the SB! (Remember last year) :-0 Oops!

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