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Erik Lund
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Default Re: Favorite Jazz Bands

"i prefer jazz-rock fusion :-P much more dynamic"

more dynamic? maybe you should listen to *good* jazz bands before saying something like that...

Okay - here's a list (try to keep up)

Die Like A Dog (best rhythm section walkin' the planet)

Brotzmann Tentet (all star group consisting of some of the finest living musicians with some of the most amazing compositions)

Trio X (Joe McPhee's longstanding trio)

Vandermark 5 (pick up Simpatico for "Vent" and tell me you don't like this group)

DKV Trio (Live Wels/Chicago AMAZING)

Coltrane Quartet (Get the Complete box set on Impulse! and change your life)

ONJQ (Japanese group that's putting everyone to shame these days. Get LIVE)

The Bandwagon (Jason Moran's longstanding piano trio with NASHEET WAITS!)

Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers (If you don't have Free For All, don't talk to me)

Bill Evans Trio (Miles knew what was up)

Miles Davis 2nd Quintet (Wayne, Herbie, Ron, Tony, 'nuff said)

Free Range Rat (great group - quartet - play a lot of Sun Ra tunes and are amazing)

Tim Berne's Bloodcount (Berne is one of the finest musicians on the scene and this is his best band, with JIM BLACK. Get Saturation Point and change your life)

Ellery Eskelin Trio (Andrea Perkins and JIM BLACK)

Thomas Chapin Trio (Chapin died in '97 at the age of 37 and was considered one of the top musicians among critics and peers alike. Get Sky Piece. with the great Michael Sarin on drums. This group was amazing. You will love it. RIP)

Sun Ra Arkestra (Oh John Gilmore you are so good)

Branford Marsalis Quartet (Better when it had Kenny Kirkland, but anything with Tain is amazing to me! Pick up Requiem)

Ornette Coleman Quartet (Listen to "Lonely Woman" and change your life)

William Parker Quartet (Get O'Neal's Porch and Raining on the Moon. Great great band. Anything with William Parker - the MODERN MINGUS - and HAMID DRAKE is gonna be great)

Matt Wilson (his groups have always been top-notch)

Could go on but that's a bunch there. Maybe someone will get some of it...
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