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Real name?


How long been playing?
3 years

Origin of user name?
Try looking at it from a different angle... Hint: I'm not originally Australian

Top 5 drummers?
Hmmm... Perhaps: Mike Mangini, Mike Portnoy, Nick D'Virgilio, Thomas Lang and Uli Kusch

Make of drumkit?
Mapex M series (see signature)

Make of cymbal?
Zildjian and Meinl

Where do you practice?
At home and at band rehersals

Are you in a band/s?
Yep, it's called Mean Genie

Covers or originals?

What style of music?
Still finding our feet, so at the moment I'll just go with "rock"

Favourite take out food?
Hrmm... Takeout, as in takeaway? If so: Burger and chips. Not MacD's or such, mind you; proper burgers!

Australia, originally from Norway

One really odd fact about yourself?
Don't know if it's odd, but drums is the instrument I've spent the least amount of time learning, but it's the one I find myself progressing faster on. I've played guitar for 10 years, piano for 7 and various kinds of brass instruments for 9 years.

How did you start drumming?
Drumming was my first love when I was a little kid, and I had a drumkit for a couple of years back then. However, I never got anywhere, so I picked up the guitar instead (and god quite good at it too). But about three years ago, my roommate at the time got an electric kit, which I suddenly found myself spending a lot of time on. I bought my own e-kit 18 months ago, and I sold that in march this year to get my Mapex kit. I'm never quitting again!