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Erik Lund
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No offense taken, Paul. You actually hit a few things I was gonna say when I popped back in (like the capital letters. Yeah, I know it's taken as "shouting" Alex. I was shouting intentionally, since no one wanted to back up their post with a CD rec...sorry, didn't mean to shout cd there...And generally, when people don't/can't do that, I take that as them possibly-not-having/knowing-one)

Thanks for the clips Bernhard. I gave them all a listen, and I will respectfully say they didn't change my opinion on him, and I'll leave it with that.

"Next: many drummers (in general) out there aren't accomplished musicians. Being a drummer doesn't equals necessarily being an accomplished musician (in other words how many drummers write music like Mr. Erskine do??? Not many!)
It's not a ridiculous statement."

I was saying a *GREAT* drummer is an "accomplished musician" - not just being a drummer. And I don't think writing songs is a necessary requirement to being an accompished musician. What would Buddy or Grady Tate have to say about that? (to name a few) Nothing wrong with being "just" great at the drums. No need to say "oh and I also play piano" to get some sort of "musician-cred"
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