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Originally Posted by outu View Post
hi Phil,

how about naming some great latin bands we all definitly have to listen to?
in cologne you said some name i cant remember, like M....deng deng deng...

i think thats some kind of going to latin gigs, but here in germany we dont have sooo much latin music. and i think in many other places in the world,too.

and you still forgot.....

best wishes!!!!!
Hey bro write me an email again.

As far as Bands go...I start everyone off on "Muñequitos de Matanza" To train your ears into the music! Then go from there.

NG La Banda
Ray Barreto
Tito Puente (of course)
Semi newer stuff , a group called "Bamboleo" (Timba)
There is a real nice CD called Clave y Guaguanco with Celeste Mendoza & Changuito
Cachao (of course)
Poncho Sanchez
Manilito y su Trabuco
Issac Delgado
La Charanga Habanera

Start there.

By the way there are tons of gigs going on in Germany , tons of clinics and workshops.

for example
The Drums and Percussion festival starting Novembr 29th. It will be Myself, Jojo Mayer and many other great drummers from Europe. If you miss this then...I dont know what to tell you. My group is playing a concert there, with Master teacher, New York bassist Irio O'farrel (cuba) He is also on the staff of Drummers collective... Since the beginning.
Here is the link...

NO excuse for staying home:-)
Live to play!
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