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Default Re: Ryan Van Poederooyen

Originally Posted by chopsy View Post
Looking forward to the release of the Terror Syndrome album Ryan. Any idea when to expect it? Since SYLs future is always so up in the air I hope I can count on some new metal from Terror Syndrome.

I'm surprised this thread isn't sticky.. it should be.

I didn't know you were a drum tech for The New Black by SYL but I noticed your name credited for that as well. Great work!
Hey Chopsy,

We're looking to release the Terror Syndrome album in March/April 2008. An exact date will be announced in the next couple months along with how it's being released. We're just finishing up a couple things before mixing and mastering. We're also going to announce who's mixing and mastering the record, some cool names are going to be involved there as well. We plan on being around for a while kicking ass with our brand of metal. Exciting times.....

As for teching on SYL's "The New Black".... I did it for Strapping cuz we're all bro's and it gave Gene the chance to just focus on drumming and not tuning or getting sounds. It's not a regular gig for me to tech but I thought it'd be cool to help my bro's out in SYL and I've always taken pride in making drums sound awesome as far as tuning goes. Thanks for the compliment but remember if Gene wasn't the friggin' monster of a drummer he is, the drums wouldn't have the sound they have on that record. Great drummer and guy!!!!

Hope that answered your questions....


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