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Originally Posted by jmdupx View Post
Can anyone answer a question I've pondered for some time - is Andy Newmark, formerly of Sly & Family Stone, one and the same as the Andy Newark (no 'M') billed as drummer on Bowie's "Young Americans", and John Martyn's "One World", amongst other LPs from around that period? The style and technique certainly makes it feasible IMO, but I've struggled in vain to get any hard info on the subject

If they're two different people, what are they both doing now?
Never heard of "Andy Newark" but Andy Newmark was indeed the drumme for Sly and Bowie. He played on the "Young Americans" album with the exception of "Fame" and "Across the Universe" which was played by longtime Bowie drummer Dennis Davis.

Andy Newmark is a great drummer and can be heard on many classic recordings including John lennon's "Double Fantasy" and Gary Wright's "Dream Weaver." He's played with Clapton and many other legends as well.

I think he lives in England currently and is still going strong.
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