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Default Re: The Real Football Thread

OKAY I gotta chime in here on the cheating thing because I see it tossed around so casually all the time and 99% of the time the person is ill informed but continues to run with it anyway.

Were the Pats Cheating? Yes

Does every team do it? Yes and NO

Is there alot to be gained from it? NO

I know your saying yes and NO what kind of answer is that? Well here it is..

The Pats had a camera on the jets sideline, This is the rule they broke.

Can they have a guy in the press box with a camera pointed at the Jets sideline?? YES

Can they have a guy on their own sideline with a camera pointed at the other team. YES

Does every team in the NFL do this without being on the opposing teams sideline. YES

Now if you can tell me what the big advantage is of having the camera on the opposing teams sideline vice your own sideline or the press box or some shmuck in the stands I would love to hear it.

Of course Bellichick is considered a genius so haters now say well there must be a reason why he did it or he would not have done it. Please He is not Einstein.

I believe he misinterpreted the rule, of course no one wants to hear that because that is to easy and makes the Pats really Look like a great team and frankly people are tired of hearing about the Boston based teams.. Too bad deal with it.

Do you honestly believe he is so much smarter than any other coach in NFL history, he cannot make an honest mistake.. And even if he did it on purpose now explain to me the big advantage.

Don Shula showed his true colors last week too. I thought he was a great coach and always admired him but when he piped up about an asterisk I said to myself, this guy bases his whole career off one undefeated season how sad.. he did not have a problem with it when it happened or the 8- 9 weeks after it. But when they beat the Colts and it now looked very good that they may go undefeated he opens his dentures. Of course he back tracked because he does'nt want people to look to closely at some of the games the Dolphins won during that season with a few very very bad calls that happened to go their way..

I just wish people would shut up with all the whining even some of my fellow Pats fans with all the talk about the Colts piping in noise crap.. This is the NFL and whining should not be allowed. Now I agree there were some horrible calls in that game against the Pats that make you wonder what the hell was going on but the whole country saw it and I am sure it was just a bad day for the ref's so lets leave it alone and move on.

Lets all hope the Pats go undefeated andThe Dolphins win more games than the 49ers : )
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