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Default Re: The Real Football Thread

First off, I'm a cowboys fan. I just hate PM.

But second of all, the colts did this to themselves by not having enough depth. And I heard someone on ESPN sayin that colts recoevers werent on the same page as PM but think about this...should a great QB be able to be on the same page with any reciever? Look at tom brady, he has had a different group of recievers pretty much every year and still manages, year after year, to put up great numbers. The QB debate ended a long time ago for me. Commercial boy can have his glary and the super bowl/ wins the league handed him on a golden platter. Ill take tom's three hard faught rings any day.

And for the record, every single team in the nfl does what new england did against the jets, they just happened to get caught. Doesnt chan ge anything aparently, at least with the way they are destroying teams.
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