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the thing that makes me mad is non drummers giving opinions about who is the best drummer, i dont get into discussion of topics in which i am ignorant. and theres where he got his fame and "success" as musician 3 riff and 2 4. also i dont think he has achieved his goal as an artist because he has lots of money ,imo the career of an artist never ends because theres always something more to learn or do better and for wht i have seen he is the same drummer he was 4 years ago.

the videos arent impressive at all, anda some say he is fast? jojo mayer can get to that speed with one hand, also doesnt need to make and effort and start hitting harder. but the thing is he doess not need to do that stuff to get our respect
music is about creativity and innovation no offense to t b fans i but have seen his stuff too many times before his name was first spoken.
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