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Default Re: Mr. Drums "Buddy Rich"

The Muppet show... he started playing just the with the sticks by themsleves backstage... (no one could do this like Buddy, no one STILL can't) then he moved on to the stage did a solo and a drum duel with animal.

It was one of the coolest things ever... first drum solo I ever saw... of course I was a CHILD, no more than 7 years old...

I always liked the more subdued things Buddy did... like just playing with the sticks... his solos often were going all out 100% of the time and artistically, I find that personally to be terribly boring... maybe if Buddy was a kid now he'd be a death metal drummer.

However his later years playing was often sublime and inspired... I feel somehow he and the media pigeonholed himself a lot in this role of Buddy the intense larger than life soloist... yet his playing, not his soloing is what I admire most.
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