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Great stuff Bernhard! I don't think any criticism should come Eric's way for his opinion or the way he stated it. We all love what we love because it hits us at some kind of emotional level. All Eric is saying is that Peter E doesn't actually hit him on an emotional level. Eric's other posts have made it clear that he a lover of those drummers who feel less inhibited by musical convention and have a desire to push the drumming and musical envelope. Taking that as a given, it is not too surprising that he doesn't get all sweaty about Pete Erskine.

I love Erskine because of his relationship with the music which he is playing - he supports the music without becoming over intrusive. He is a master of the musical understatement. I think Bernhard's comparison with Gadd, because of that factor, is a good one. Eric never said Pete wasn't a great drummer - just that he didn't connect with his playing on an emotional level. And after the number of times he asked for CD recommendations who can criticise him for the capitals!!

To that end loved his playing with the Brecker Brothers on "Some Skunk Funk", with the Jaco Pastorius Big Band and an album with Bob Sheppard called Tell tale signs.


p.s. sorry for speaking for you Eric -no offense intended.
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