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Originally Posted by KCDrummer View Post
I'm so glad Bernhard jumped to Peter's defense! I can see how some would think that Peter doesn't take any risks and stays in the safe place, but if you've ever SEEN him play, it's obvious that even though he rarely plays extremely choppy or complex stuff, he always plays with intense passion. He is the type of drummer that I strive to be, which is a musician first and a drummer second. Perhaps the great composer and band leader Gordon Goodwin put it best when he said that Erskine "finds music in places I wouldn't even think to look."
Now this is the response needed to shut me up.

I guess, I haven't seen and heard that much of Erksine's playing to fully appreciate his talent. I didn't mean risks by crazy choppy stuff blah blah blah - I was just looking for that factor in his playing that makes me wanna stand up and shout 'yeah!'
It's not that he's boring or anything, just I haven't had any moments where it makes me want to listen to it over and over and over again.
That's what I mean't by Elvin over Erskine - Elvin really heats things up, builds this incredible tension and I just want to hear him over and over again, Erskine hasn't done that for me yet. Don't know if it's just me, but when a piece of music really connects - I get these random rushes of pure adrenaline and when a drummer or artist does that, I want to listen to them more. The two styles are very different though..

I can definately see Erksine's passion behind his playing, but like I keep saying - I've still got to hear more of his playing before I can fully make up my mind. Maybe, there is that mystery record out there, that'll turn me on to his playing. When I find it, I'll tell y'all.

Just my opinion in the end, doesn't make him any less of a musician or drummer. Besides, it's me who's missing out.. If he ever comes round here though, I'll defo check him out.
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