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Default Re: Drummer Live Report & Videos

Originally Posted by That Guy View Post
You know what.... you just gave me an idea for a wonderful anniversary present for my wife. A trip to London and tickets to Drummer Live! She would probably love going to London, but could care less about the drumming festival. I myself have already been to London, so I could care less about the sightseeing. Looks like a nice little 50/50 sacrafice could be made here. Hmmmm, I could kill 2 birds with one stone.

I wonder how much financial damage it would take to make this happen. When you buy tickets to these festivals do you get complete access.. or are you kinda herded around like sheep and kept at bay? I would really like to check one of these shows out. Is it always in London? Hey Nutha... do you have a guest bedroom? Are you cheaper than hotels?

Thanks for the idea Titan!
No problem!

Its probably the perfect time to do it as it will be over 4 days instead of 2 next year. There are other shows in Europe but I think this event is best all round. Yep, its only held in London.

Its a great affair, you can come and go as you please from the live halls, walk around the stands at your own will and every 45 minutes they have a "noisy 15 minutes" where everybody goes crazy and try things out. Great atmosphere to be in!!

And if you were making the journey then it would only be proper to organize a DW meet up with all members who can attend :)
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