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Default Re: Peter Erskine

I'm so glad Bernhard jumped to Peter's defense! I can see how some would think that Peter doesn't take any risks and stays in the safe place, but if you've ever SEEN him play, it's obvious that even though he rarely plays extremely choppy or complex stuff, he always plays with intense passion. He is the type of drummer that I strive to be, which is a musician first and a drummer second. Perhaps the great composer and band leader Gordon Goodwin put it best when he said that Erskine "finds music in places I wouldn't even think to look."

The great drummer Michael Carvin also put it well when I was asking him his opinion on various drummers. I went through a few names, he had good things to say about some, bad things about others. Then I asked him about Peter Erskine and he said "Well, Peter's just the Champion."

My favorite Erskine albums are:

Weather Report, "8:30"
Jaco Pastorius, "The Birthday Concert" and "Word of Mouth
Peter Erskine Trio (w/Alan Pasqua and David Carpenter), "Badlands"
Zack Albetta--Bosphorus Artist
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