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Originally Posted by jazzgregg View Post
Erik, are you sure you're not sifting through my old posts and passing them and the opinions in them as your own (albeit with a bit more self-absorption) and in turn reigniting many conversations that have already been had on here?
.....not really. You are both members of the JAZZPOLICE, so you have the same arguments....sorry, just fun, couldn't resist.


you need samples of Peters playing?? Perhaps some older stuff with Jaco will do the trick, or Cherokee for fine uptempo drive with Manhattan?


Just stand beside Peter, see him play a fine medium tempo ride, then watch his left hand on snare and listen to the feathered bassdrum - i'm in heaven and only a very little handful of drummers can play like this.

It's the same feeling as Steve Gadd playing his in reality simple grooves: They sound for themself perfect. Copying is possible with some work, but never sounds the same as the master.

Be sure!!

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