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michael drums
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Default Re: The Real Football Thread


Obviously 2 Patriot fans here. Well, if you look back at that '01 Patriots' team there WAS "go to" guys on that team, ie...Wide receivers Troy Brown, Terry Glenn, and Charles Johnson. Running back Kevin Faulk. And kicker Adam Vinatieri. Not necessarily scrub players here.

So I wouldn't say they were a fluke, matt. Though they only beat the Rams in the Super Bowl 20-17. Not exactly total domination.

Look, it's obvious you are a Pats fan, and I can appreciate that. But I wouldn't count your chickens before they hatch. Anything can happen. The Colts are now without Dwight Freeney for 3 - 6 weeks. Marvin Harrison is still out. And Dallas Clark. Injuries, especially to key players like the Colts have, are very detrimental to a team, regardless of how good a team they are.

So the old saying applies, I guess...A team is only as good as it's lack of injuries. And, right now, the Patriots have less key players out with injuries than the Colts. So keep your fingers crossed that your Patriots stay injury free.

Play On! ;-)
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