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Erik Lund
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The whole "Elvin over Erskine" thing...Well, sure I'll take that, since I've already said I haven't heard anything from Erskine that really makes me jump up and listen, and Elvin being a favorite in many ways, but:

What I am saying is, the reason *I* *ME* *ERIK LUND* hasn't/haven't been wowed by Erskine is because *for me* he doesn't have that certain something I look for when I choose what music I listen to. Hell, I listen to music everyone here would agree is total crap/garbage - I'm holding back here - I try to throw out drummers I think people would dig if they relax their ears. I listen to stuff that the closest "out" guy here would think is total garbage. Some guy here posted his stuff (which I haven't heard) and someone said it sounded like Marc Ribot. If that's the outest stuff...good lord. Marc Ribot is pop music, man.

Having said all of that...If there isn't something in the music that makes me tingle, I don't listen. I enjoy other drummers who are far less technical than Erskine, because they have certain qualities/ideas that make me think "That's cool/awesome/etc" (yes, I think "etc", doesn't everyone?)

I would love to get a rec that would change my mind. I'm guessing it would be a young Erskine, since most of my Erskine listening has been old/older/recent Erskine. Did he do anything on ECM? I think so, but not sure (and apparently too lazy to check the world wide web...)

Dynamics? I'm playing as loud as I can!
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