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Well the drum parts clearly states a 6/4 feel based on 1/8th note flow if you want to hear it in a slow 3 you could do that too as long as it all lines up in the end. But just like in African rhythms you can hear it in different ways and it can meet at the same point. I studied West African drumming for several years and your "ear can hear rhythmic cycles and divisions and layering of rhythms in many different ways is one of the most important things I learned along with several other things.

The African influence comes from the tension and release of layering rhythmic lines over rhythmic lines and the use of syncopation clearly evident in the bass line in this piece which is the way I hear it which is what this piece is all about RHYTHM and GROOVE.
It *does* line up in the end - and is much easier to feel/understand so I suggested it to our friend fourstrings, who was having aneurisms with all the time signature talk.

I'm starting to get done with the word "influence" for the most part, since a lot of bands in popular music do what you're talking about with the rhythm and I doubt they're saying "let's do it like that african music we heard the other day". That and a bunch of other stuff. (I saw, for the first time, Dave using a splash on his snare, which I do a lot, and although he's recording/etc, I wasn't influenced by him or anyone else into doing it. I just thought "Hey look, he does it too. Neat.")

Most musicologists say that music in the future is all about rhythm and textures, as the atonal musics and gamalean and microtonal stuff have pretty much covered the tonal range. I guess I should say "popular music" there. Maybe someday Joe Maneri's microtonal work will be brought into a boyband but I doubt it.

Anyway - you're not going to change my stubborn and steadfastly correct mind on any of this. Just wanted to give fourstrings a simpler way of looking at the world.
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