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Erik Lund
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Fourstrings - with that piece "Anthem for the Enthused" forget counting out 6 and think "3". Much easier to groove on. As far as odd times go, if you can make it easier on yourself, do it. No need to be counting out 1+2+3+4+5+6+ to know where you are. Also frees up your time/playing if you so desire.

Personally I don't hear any "african tribal" whatnot...

Another cover these guys did, but most here probably wouldn't know is "Street Woman" on their first album "Give" - it's an Ornette Coleman song off his album "Science Fiction" which is amazing (Get the Complete Science Fiction Session album - "What Reason Could I Give" is beautiful)

Well, it's a jazz tune, so maybe "Cover" isn't the word - but hell, I don't see anyone else doing Street Woman, so I'm calling it a cover. The Bad Plus play it amazingly - one of my favorite tracks they've done.

I'm glad Reid is in this band. I've seen him live many times, sometimes in his own groups as a leader, and always thought he was really good, but wasn't in the "right" setting. Rockin' it now.
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