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Originally Posted by fourstringdrums View Post
Man I'm getting a headache *lol* If the drum part is in an 1/8th note pulse, that's what confuses me as to why it's not 6/8.

Trying to understand this a bit more I went and looked up a song I know is in a particular time signature. Money by Pink Floyd which I was always told and always counted as 7/8, but half the people I find on the net say 7/8 and the other half say it's in 7/4.
Best to think about it in terms of 1+2+ 3+ 4+5+6+ with the backbeat on beats 2,4 and 6 with the bass drum on 1 and the + of 2 of a 6/4 measure with a 1/8th note flow on the high hat drum part wise. Now count 6 sets of eights and hear the bass line which they simplify later on the beats on 1 and 2 then the + of 4 and + of 5 repeated in a 6 beat 1/8th note cycle. This is the way all there parts line up that's the best way to go about hearing and "feeling" it.

If you thinks this a brain exercise try some South Indian rhythmic cycles,yikes!.

Oh to answer your other question 6/8 is felt in a 3 beat division cycles just like 9/8 or 12/8. This piece is clearly broken up in a set of 6 groups of 2 1/8th notes per quarter note feel making up a bar of 6/4 time.


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