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Default Re: A Tiny Confession

Originally Posted by fourstringdrums View Post
Meh, I'll pass on that too. That only strengthens the feeling that some have that girls can't play decent music and only get by on their looks. There is too much bubble gum music that it makes me feel like these artists only get into it to be popular, not to make good music.
Good music? I accept it as not being, by standards of integrity, good. I feel it is, however, supposed to brighten up your day and force you to appreciate the lighter side of life. There's just something of an aura and spiritually refreshing nature that goes with dumb, "poppy", "'snappy", music with girls pulling the strings. It makes me say Chic Corea?, Who? for a short while. However, I couldn't live off a steady diet of it. But once in a while I welcome board room produced tunes with open and appreciative arms. But I do get your point.
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