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Default Re: Mike Bordin

I dig the Ozzy Budokan DVD too.

Bordin's playing pretty freakin' hard, so I'll give him a break on the tempo flux...

His snare sounds cool on that DVD.

To me, that style of music is more about the balls, attitude and intent, more than having everything all precise and perfect.

It ain't "math rock" after all.

I really dug his old Yamaha Black Recording kit with the big toms flat.
That kit looked so bad....
Yamaha's black paint jobs are about the best black out there.
Just the right amount of shine, and a real black shade of black. No red or blue tint to it.

He went down to a 24 and I think one inch down on the rack toms (from 14-15 to 13-14?), but it's still a big kit....
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