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Default Re: Eric Singer

I like Eric Singers drumming a lot.

Very solid, plays the tunes with cool flair without overplaying, and adds some showmanship.

The Kiss Rock The Nation is a fun vid to watch. I dig the way you can just watch one member.

I got into Kiss in the 70's, and Peter Criss did some slick, swinging parts on the first few albums.

The concert footage of PC back then is real cool...too bad he can't play like that today.

I guess he had bad wrist problems at one time.

Yeah, "She" is a cool track, the drum part of "Watchin' You" on Alive! is cool and fun to play.
The first fill in "Hotter Than Hell" on the studio album is a good one too.

But, the playing on the Tiger Stadium concert is WEAK at best.
No fills in Deuce? Come ON!
On Destroyer & after, the songs changed, and PC's style got way more simplistic (maybe the drugs...?) The fills all over the toms in some of the "filler" Gene songs on R&RO are kinda lame I always though....

But, I LOVE the snare sound PC had on tracks like Christine 16, Shock Me, Rocket Ride, Larger Than Life...tons of character.

I was not a huge fan of Eric Carr. I did like him, & he did some cool stuff, don't get me wrong.

It wasn't a "where's Peter?" thing with me.

Watching Eric Carr play....he seemed really stiff armed, and I don't think he had much feel to his playing....maybe it's just me, but his stuff seemed just 'rock' without anything else a lot of the time.

Maybe it was just Kiss TRYING too hard to fit in somewhere because everything in the 80's was changing so fast all the time...That's a good!...maybe?..

I Love it Loud, and War Machine are cool tracks, not just for the drum sound, but the feel is good on those.... I know a lot of people will disagree with me on EC, it's just my oppinion....

If people got into Kiss with EC in the band, yeah, they'd dig him a lot.

His kits were real cool though...AND Ludwig!!...too much snare tilt though....and they mic'ed his cymbals crapy live.....blahblahblahbitchbitchbitch.... haha!

He seemed like a really super cool guy though, and it's a real shame that he passed.
Good singer too, I gotta give him that.

Anyway...Singer is a cool drummer, and yes, the stuff on the first Badlands album is VERY cool.

I've seen him Singer Cooper as well, and he rocks with him too.

He's kind like Tommy Aldridge in that he's always 'himself' when he plays, which is cool IMO.
I have a friend that knows him fairly well, and he say's he's a really cool guy.

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