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Originally Posted by Garuda
He is one of my favourite drummers. I know that he is left handed but plays right handed easily. (usually plays cross handed) Also he is ambidextrous (plays with left and right hands equally) When he started play drums he was only 3 years ago. He plays in dawe matthews band also played with carlos santana and many many others...

He uses his own promark signature series ; Carter beauford 5AB model. (5AB is different , standart 5a weight but peak tickness is 5B.

His setup ;

07. 13"x51/2" Ocheltree bronze snare

08. 13" Ocheltree bronze timbale

09. 14" Ocheltree bronze timbale......
This is a wonderful diagram, unfortunatley it's about 4 years out of date. Carter switched to Remo this summer and he has been using a number of Dunnett Classic snare drums since 2001. Those would include 2 - 6.5 x 13" Titanium snare drums (one in translucent purple, one raw), a 6.5 x 14 Titanium with Titanium hoops (raw) and on this last album and tour a 5.5 x 14 Titanium (trans. purple). Carter is also using a 5.5" x 10 titanium accent snare and a 7" x 13" titanium timbale (polished with CR hoop).

Since there are obviously so many Carter fans I thought I might share a picture of his kit with everyone. This was taken in August 2005 at the Gorge, Washington. Enjoy!

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