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Default Re: The Real Football Thread

yes, but the true question is, can the colts do it without the help of the officials? For me, there is no debate. Tom Brady is better than payton manning now, was better last yr, and will always be better than the commerical boy. Even with the refs handing the colts the game, brady still won. Hell, I would take tony romo over least he spends his time practicing and improving instead of filming commercials. AND he can do it with only 1 star reciever, not three.

Ohh, and he doesnt make excuses either. Manning (both of em, actually) is the biggest cry baby in the NFL. I remember an article a while back in sports illustrated after the league tightened up the rules for hitting QBs after manning complained that the pats were hitting him with "unecessary" strength. They asked drew bledsoe, a seasoned vet at this point, what he thought of the changes. He said "I remember when Quaterbacks didn't have to wear skirts on the field. We're football players too and we should be acting like it."

Amen reverend.
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