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Default Re: Breaking sticks left and right...

Originally Posted by aahznightsky

STICKS ARE DESIGNED TO BREAK. Otherwise your other gear would when you hit them! By the sounds of your tuning preferences in the other thread, you might be a jazz drummer. If that's the case, you most likely don't play a third as many rimshots as I do and your tips wear out before the shaft of your sticks splinter out. My tips don't wear out because my shafts do before they have a chance to.

If you could point out what on earth could be wrong with my technique, that'd be one thing. Otherwise, there's the simple fact that when I switched stick companies from one that has been getting a large number of complaints to a company that hasn't, my sticks don't break half as fast.
Anyway, I do hell lots of Rim Shots on 16 notes accenting/speed and around the kit these days for 3 weeks continuously in my 2 hrs practice each day. I notice my Drum Sticks had chips/splinster on the shaft....and I'm just wondering when it will break besides just some small dents/markings on the shaft...I guess that's normal. I had never broken any sticks before...but it seems like it will at the rate I'm doing it now.

PS: - Hope you don't mind me saying something... bro aahznightsky. You are good maybe even very good in your drumming and I know it...but you are also a very arrogrant drummer...hahahahaha...don't do it here lah ! .... though I believed that it's "A Priviledge To Be Snobblish" - that is also the kind of person I used to be....anyway cheers and no hard feelings
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