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Erik Lund
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Default Re: The Real Football Thread

The Colts are horrible, and after re-watching my buddy's TiVo'd Pats-Colts game, it was clear the league wanted the Pats to lose. If you go on check out Bill Simmons' newest article. I agree 1000% with it. So many terrible calls and no-calls against the Pats - the one with the Colt ripping off the Pats player's helmet right in front of the ref after the play (in anger)...ridiculous. The ref just watches and does nothing...The fix was definitely in. 146 yd penalties (all pretty questionable) to the Colts' 25 yds (one call questionable)...watching it the 2nd time, I knew what I was looking for (bad calls) and got even more angry at them knowing they were coming (and rewinding and re-watching...) Simnmons posed a good question: Is this just one game - a complete abomination? or are the Pats gonna have to deal with playing against the refs the rest of the season as well?

The Colts will lose 4 games this season. 5 including the post-season. If they were really some great team to reckon with, the loss to the Pats should have pumped them up to come out and kill the Chargers, but Manning's SIX interceptions...just dreadful. I hope we see less commercials with him as a result. And the Chargers look pretty frickin' terrible too. I thought they were coming back but decent teams know how to shut down LT now since they have no QB...

Wasn't surprised by the Cowboy's victory. Them and the Packers will be fun to watch duking it out.
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