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The first record I ever got was Grand Funk's "Shinin' On." It was 1974, I was 8 years old and had already raided my parents' record collection and appropriated the Beatles albums. Then I heard Grand Funk's version of "The Loco-Motion" on the radio and asked my mom to buy me the album. It's the one with the trippy 3-D album cover that came with the 3-D glasses. So there I was, this 8-year old listening to druggy hard rock, staring at this crazy album cover.

Brewer's groove got the hook in me (I loved how ballsy his drums sounded - the Grand Funk Rundgren albums are my favorites because of how the drums sounded) and I promptly built a drumset out of various household items so I could play along. Haven't stopped yet.

And I still love that album and Brewer's groove.
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