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Default Re: Attendance at gigs?

Youtube is a pretty remarkable free tool for getting yourself out there. It's the only thing I've ever seen where you can impulsively decide to do something at noon and it can be seen pretty quickly by a lot of people by dinner time. And don't think people from all walks don't watch it. The older crowd /the money and influence people/ who still won't go near myspace or facebook are OK with checking out youtube. Graphicly, the youtube colors are a nice variety, and there are a lot of options. Every TV or radio show I've done in the past year or so came from somebody happening upon a youtube video. Have you tried that? And if the reason you haven't is because you don't have a video camera, buy one somehow. It's really worth it. I don't even do much on myspace. One day I saw my grandmother checkin' out youtube videos and I said that has to be it.

A lot of people hate the comments and ratings stuff because it is the center of the troll universe. But all you do is disable the ratings the first time somebody is pretty favorable, and edit the comments when people say bad stuff that has nothing to do with the video/like: he's fat, ugly etc, or you can just disable comments entirely. If the video backfires you just take it down.

PS- I don't work for youtube.
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