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Default Re: Attendance at gigs?

I just wish for some more people.
Ah! Theres the problem...

Wishing for it to happen is never a good thing.You have to get out there and take the show to the people!

Many times I have seen bands in the same predicament as yourself, and the one thing they always do wrong is they play within the same scene, so obviously theyre only going to attract the same people time and time again, be it 15 or 1500...

The band may be performing well onstage, but youre probably not connected with the engineroom out the back. Simply put, youve gotta get connected with the gigmakers, the promoters, the higher profile bands. Go to music festivals and meet the bands that are playing in front of the types of crowds you want. Ask for support shows, get contact cards, email addresses etc.

Get to know the venue promoters around town as there are probably only a few booking the majority of the larger shows.

Learn to be as 'in-house' as you can. Learn how to use programs like photoshop, frontpage, Vegas etc so that you arent having to pay someone everytime you want to promote.

If the response at your shows is positive, then its most likely NOT something wrong with the bands performance or its material - You just have to get the "Who you know" side of it down.
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