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Default Re: Breaking sticks left and right...

Originally Posted by Kevinm
You seem to not to accept someone telling you it's your technique! I don't know how many times drrummers keep breaking cymblas and gear until they fianlly realize a small change in their technique and how they apprach has preserved the life of their equipment.

I am done with this thread!
Good job too, I doubt you'll be missed. You may play jazz exclusively, but for anybody who plays rock music then you expect to break sticks. I've never broken a cymbal or a drumhead (one bass drum head aside) but I've broken a hell of a lot of sticks.

And yes. Vic Firth's sticks are crapola, and always have been. They break way too quickly. Every other brand I've tried has been vastly superior. In order of strength, in my experience:

1) Promark
2) Johnny Rabb
3) Vater
4) Regal Tip
5) Zildjian
6) Vic Firth (and a distant 6th at that!)

I don't like the feel of Promark - too dense, too much shock up the stick for me. Plus the weight feels a bit "forward" in the stick for my tastes. Johnny Rabb aren't available anymore. So these days, I play Vater.
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