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Default Re: avenged sevenfold debate

Originally Posted by chopsy View Post
Gilded that is a great example of an awesong song by them... hope you do it justice when covering it.

It didn't bother me that he stopped screaming after Waking the Fallen.. it did bother me that the songwriting completely changed to go along with that and now they have "big choruses" and way too many hooks.

It really seems like the re-invention of "glam" or "hair-metal" but substitute piercings and tattoos for long hair and spandex
Yeah, I liked Unholy Confessions and that was about it. I also agree, that they seem like the re-invention of 80s/early 90s metal. After Waking the Fallen, it seemed that they wanted to be Guns and Roses with, IMO, same-ish sounding guitar hooks and solos.
They aren't a bad band musically, they are talented. But now they seemed to be based around the gimmick of "we got lots of tats, chicks, and solos"
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