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Default Re: new Video: PASIC - Ronald Bruner Jr.

Originally Posted by Steamer View Post
Simply making a comment that I hear lots of guys with great chops Bernhard but rarely individuals who have something really really special musically to offer to complete the package. Well I found this players chops impressive I did not get struck by the depth of his approach from a musical perspective. Recently I heard such an individual and was commented on the other posters impression of that in the video and my own current reference point regarding chops taken to the next level in a musical context as I just witnessed the other night. By the way Gilberto was a big star in his native Cuba for his musical abilities before coming to Canada to Vancouver to be exact. Pretty lucky for me and my fellow Vancouverites indeed i'd say.

Sorry to appear off topic but my comments were based on my impression of Ronald's playing compared to another approach of chops I recently heard that really stuck in my mind.
you're right - no problem....

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