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Default Re: Gilberto Moreaux

Aydee this guys scares the living daylights out of all the local and travelling players who come hear him when in town.

He is well versed in Elvin,Tony etc.. but is coming from a very different angle on it from the Afro/Cuban roots creating a very flesh and fluid musical concept. A joy to listen to and a very funny and humble guy who just lives to play music as honest and with as much full passion and commitment as possible combined with great musical ensemble "ears". We met on a double bill in the Summer and since then i've really made a point to check him out as much as possible. After we heard each other and talked after the show I discovered he likes to hear someone with my approach to jazz being straight out of Elvin and Tony and amires that loose approach and concept being different than his Cuban flavored and rooted drumset concept. In return I truly admire his deep understanding of latin music and it's complex nature and his unique individual sound since it's been a real refreshing learning experience for me too. It's been a blessing meeting,hearing and talking with this fine player on a regular bases in my own hometown aydee,a real treat indeed. Like going to see someone on the same level of Tony or Max in his own way on a regular basis in a small club up close which is very special to me.

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