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Default Re: guitar tuner

Some tuners have built-in pitches. If you can just get the E right, then try this:
The 5th fret on the low E (6th) string is an A.
The 5th fret on the A (5th) string is a D.
The 5th fret on the D (4th) string is a G.
The 4th fret on the G (3rd) string is a B.
The 5th fret on the B (2nd) string is an E, which is the 1st string- you can also achieve this pitch by hitting the harmonic on the 12th fret on the 6th string

I would still recommend getting a tuner, as your guitar will go out of tune because of weather changes, neck tension, etc. you can also use harmonics to tune, it works better and easier for me, but this should get you started. Or, you could go old school and get a tuning fork; most are A-440, and then you can tune you guitar accordingly. No batteries needed...
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