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Originally Posted by Sticktrick View Post
WOW! This statement is now in my top 5 of the dumbest ones I ever read here on Drummerworld!

Well, how about this: If he really was playing like a music store drummer, how exactly do you think he made it onto one stage with Sting or PG?? Are you saying that these two guys are so untalented and unaware of what their Drummer is doing that they just didnīt realize that the guy couldnīt play??

Hmmmm... I guess that you must be such a great musician that you never listen to such untalented people like Sting or PG because their music isnīt rather special, is it?

Next time you post don`t forget that you are posting something on the most famous drumming board on the Net. Some of the guys that we are talking about here actually do read this and answer to some posts. If I was Manu and had to read your stupid statement, Iīd be really annyoed by the fact that some punk who doesnīt know anything about me posts such bs. Well - as far as I know Manu, he probably wouldn`t care a bit.
Yeah...I think I'll add that to my top five dumbest too. Come on man....Listen!
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