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I have followed Larry Mullen and U2 since they released "under a blood red sky" in 1983. The band and Larry has been a source of inspiration ever since. They have a unique chemistry and have managed to change and evolve throughout their career. Larry Mullen is a powerful and steady drummer who clearly listens to the rest of the band and leaves room for the the two maestros up front. He has coined some beats that stand out in rock n roll history. Listen to Sunday, bloody sunday or Where the streets have no name and hear what I mean. He gives the band a lot of itīs energy. I have seen U2 live a couple of times and Mullenīs drumming adds to the phenomenal build-ups they manage to do on large arena venues. But i am a bit disapponted with their Vertigo-album. Mostly because of the mix. To my ears the drums are a bit too low. With the drums a bit more to the front of the mix it would have been a rock-album. Now itīs more of a pop-album, and it takes away some of the edge they used to have. But of course, the band are in their forties and not in their twentys anymore...
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