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I must correct myself real quick. I thought Dan The Automator did the track right after Kool Keith's, but it's not- that one belongs to Jel and Odd Nosdam. DTA did Mojo with him.

I don't think it takes a while to get. If you're a Patton fan, it will make sense. It usually takes me the second listen to any album to really appreciate the details. It's something different yet familiar from what he's done. I think it has a lot to do with the fact he collaborated with so many different people on this album. You hear his style, but also those of his accomplices.

To me, they all have pretty good hooks. Then again, I think the same of all the Bungle and Tomahawk stuff. Five Seconds is very reminiscent of Bungle stuff. I guess Mojo is pretty approachable from a general audience (no preface to Patton necessary to appreciate it). Don't Even Trip, as I said above, is my favorite. It's very typical Amon Tobin style of evolving and dynamic layers of rhythm and ambient backdrops. Getaway really brought back the old Kool Keith style I loved (on some of his later albums he went a little far out there). Honestly, I don't think the 'chorus' Patton did for that song really fit. It kind of just seemed thrown in there, but I love the track simply because of KK's style. Your Neighborhood Spaceman is probably my second favorite track on the album. The way it starts and the ambients throughout really remind me of Portishead, so much that I was swearing to myself the Nosdam duo was part of Portishead (they aren't). Really great track though. The chorus on that one sounds really familiar, like some old 70s slow disco song with a little Bungle tail at the end. Then it breaks into this great groove that really reminds me of DJ Krush (one of my favorites). Kill The DJ is another good evolving track- typical Massive Attack style chorus. Caipirinha really brings me back to Bungle once again. Bebel has a great voice on that one. Celebrity Death Match is pretty funny. Really good groove going on. The chorus is once again very Bungle-like. How You Feeling is interesting. I like the Doseone parts and I want to check out some of his solo stuff. Sucker is another great track. I haven't really listened to much Norah Jones, but from what I remember, this track is really different for her. I like We're Not Alone as well. It says it's a remix though, and for the life of me I can't figure out who did the original. The chorus on that one is a bit Tomahawk-y.

Hope this unprofessional review helped at all. :) I just sat down and listened to the whole thing again to write this out.
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