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Default Re: Favourite Forum Member(s)

Originally Posted by Drummer Karl View Post
Yes, I often think the same.
In general there were members I got to know...and they disappeared one day.
Maybe contact Stu? I thought about that...

Another great guy who is missing in my opinion.

Stu contacted me a bit ago, but nothing much was said about the forum. It was more of just a friendly "hello." Although, Stu and I didn't talk about the forum much either. Just the usual rah rah. He is still lurking around though.

I know that he has other things that he is focusing on besides the forum. The forum was taking up alot of his time and has changed a bit. Maybe he simply felt that he wasn't getting the attention that he used to get. There are other older members who felt that they weren't getting thier due attention, so they caused a little cry baby stink....... remember? I don't think I need to mention names.

But, who really knows. I don't ask, and I don't really care.
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