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Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
Its good to see the music talent continues to run in the family. Maybe she will grow up to be a great singer like her aunt, or maybe a drummer like her dad.
Too kind - as ever! My daughter can sing like an angel and while I admit to potentially obnoxious parental bias her ability to sing in key and in time has been noted by others. I suspect the real drumming talent in the family will emerge from my son who, although only two, can lock into a groove with his hands like a champ! My family, of course, consists of many professional musicians - from my sister -whom you know about - to one nephew who has just got back from touring with the Christians and Black and to my niece (who used to be on Grange Hill for those English folks out there) and is currently filming a series called "Rock Rivals" and will shortly sign a deal with one of the big four labels to do her own stuff. I have two other nephews, one an incredible bass player, and the other a singer guitarist who writes and sings like Prince. Both will make it eventually!!

But back on track - what do you think of Jim Riley!

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