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Default Re: What's in Your Bag?

Originally Posted by Gilded View Post
I kept breaking my sticks so i just got pair of Ahead 5A (those ones Joey uses) and they do a great job. Although some people say they're tip heavy thats just a wuss excuse for the price tag ($80 AU). They definiatly worth a try, lasted me ages and no complaints. They replacement slips are only $12-$13 instead of replacing wooden sticks more frequently at $20 each.
I can't stand them. They're heavy, expensive, and I prefer the sound of wood tips. I don't snap sticks really anymore since I've adopted a looser grip, and I'm playing with lighter sticks (Vater New Orleans Jazz; 0.55" thick at the base). I can guarantee my sticks are costing less then yours and the replacement sticks (on a ratio of cost to playing time). I tend to get between 6 to 9 months out of a pair of sticks at the moment, and I replace them because the tip slowly chips away and becomes non-existent. I'd probably get a year out of nylon tips....
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