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That's some damn good playing I have to say I love how developes his idea becoming more and more and intense, really answering to Brotzmann's playing, then drops it then explores into a similar idea, brings it back up then totally lets go for the bass solo, like you said - but unfortunately I'm no expert on free jazz and that was my amateur take on it.

Can you give me some recommended listening? I'm really interested in getting into some of this stuff.

I'm trying to get some of Coltrane's more free stuff (I ordered Sun Ship a while back which isn't quite free but is menna be when he's going in that direction, plus its with the classic quartet - should be getting it soon), but I want to hear some true free jazz...

No need to be an expert, man. Most of the people at shows I went to/played weren't musicians or necessarily "experts" but just enjoyed how the music affected them/made them feel. Your amateur take was great.

If you want to hear some inspired Mark Sanders, check out Evan Parker's "The Two Seasons". It's hard to come by, might be out of print, but maybe you can download it somewhere. I haven't checked... Evan Parker is without a doubt the most technically gifted saxophonist I've ever heard. He came out of the Euro free scene in the 60's - when the Europeans were trying to answer Coltrane's music with their own. He's on Brotzmann's seminal "Machine Gun" which is a tour de force of "free jazz" with a young lineup that would all become monsters of the scene. I don't know if I'd start with Machine Gun - but maybe - if you're feeling adventurous.

I was just listening to Nels Cline and Gregg Bendian (another AMAZING drummer) on "Interstellar Space Revisited - The Music of John Coltrane" - where they do Trane and Ali's duo album "Interstellar Space". Both of these albums are amazing (Get both, but start with Trane's) and what Nels does on the guitar is a great tribute to that album. People asked the question: "Do we need a tribute album for Interstellar Space?" but they play the music in their own way and make it their own. Great stuff. I'll make a Free Jazz Drumming thread - if there isn't one already.

But I'd say pick up Trane's box set "Complete Quartet Recordings" on Impulse! - It's probably around $100 but it's a great way to see Trane's development into the outer stuff - and almost helps your ear develope along the way. BTW, "Amen" on Sun Ship is one of my absolute favorite tracks ever.
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