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Erik Lund
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"What don't you understand - people like drummers who play music that they like to hear. Why do you persist with this crusade?"

Because it's worthwhile to me. And I know it would be worthwhile to others if they took a little time out of their terribly busy schedules to listen to something not in their comfort zone - especially with a gate-way-drummer like Jim Black or Hamid Drake.

And difference of opinion is all fine and dandy and wonderful, but yeah, I'd still say something contextual, like : "...this coming from a guy who doesn't understand Jim Black" - it's not like I'd call you a poop-face, although that would be funny too.

I just listened to the 3 disc box set "Unwound" and it has reinvigorated my sense of playing and pocket and musicality (and chops - good lord!).

The beginning track "Bro'ball" starts with some straight up groove drumming that will blow your mind and expand your idea of what it means to GROOVE. And the absolute destruction during "What are the odds?"... If I could play half of that I would be a happy man.
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