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Default Re: Istanbul Agop Picture-Fest

Originally Posted by masonni View Post

Here's my current Istanbul Agop setup:

19" Alchemy Med. Crash
19" Alchemy Rock Crash (x2)
14" Alchemy Custom Mixed Hats
22" Alchmey Raw Ride
9" Alchemy Raw Bell (inverted on Ride)
18" Alchemy Power China

I also have a 20" Turk Ride, 10" Agop Traditional Splash and a 16" Agop Traditional Med. Crash.
Interesting setup!

I like your cymbals - and the way you have your drums and cymbals arranged - different.

I'm just putting together a kit and haven't got it set up yet - need more rack/stand parts. I've bought a rack system sort of like yours (the two short rack bars - one on each side) but I will have a bar across the front as well. And just yesterday I thought I'd try to arrange my ride cymbal like yours here. It's kind of a coincidence that I should be reading this thread right now and see your setup. Thanks for posting this.

You can send me a PM with more details on how you came to chose your setup and how you like it if you want. I see you have some triggers there too. That's another area I want to explore as well (a few triggers - and some pads and a brain maybe).

Again - I like you kit - good job! NICE CYMBALS !
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