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Default Re: Istanbul Agop Picture-Fest

Originally Posted by bilkay View Post
Guys, do not ever be afraid to drill a ride. I drill one to three holes in 'em, though I usually only use one rivet.

And regarding the 21" SEs, I had one that was around 1900g but traded it because I wanted to get my hands on something else at the time.....
My one rivet ride my 21" Mel Lewis is all the rivet ride I need at the moment so i'm cool to keep the power tools in the case at the moment.

Trust me if you have not heard how different a med. weight 21" SE ie:2325g sounds Bill your in for a very pleasant surprise. Me and Noel the Canadian Agop distributor were both pretty impressed right away with this cymbal during testing of Agop rides earlier in the Summer. I told him consider it "sold" after only a few stick hits with my 5A wood tip stick since I knew I found gold right away sound wise with it's sweet mix of a woody stick,body and depth of tone.

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