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Erik Lund
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Default Re: The Real Football Thread

The Pats looked terrible (and I'm not even gonna talk about those bogus calls against them) because until the 4th quarter, they decided to try and run the ball...A lot... I didn't understand it at all. They haven't needed to establish any kind of running game all season, and for some reason they decided to try it against their toughest opponent...I was *begging* them to go back to the pass. I didn't need to see two runs in a row for 2-3 yards... Then when Tom went to throw it seemed to be 3rd and 8 every time...

Okay - I AM gonna talk about the bogus calls... That 2nd pass interference was complete garbage as was every time the Pats made a stop they needed or got the yards they needed, and a flag would go up against them and we didn't get to see any video of the infraction... The fix was in! My Patriot-hating friends I watched the game with were the first to think so...

Brackett had a great interception for Tom's 2nd of the game...ugh...but in the end - It's what Tom has done in the past: Win in the 4th quarter - and now with his new toys, it was a little easier (3 plays for 60+ yards and a score, and a passer rating of almost 150 the last 3 possessions)

Bring on the BYES, whoever they are!
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