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I guess I disagree that you have to play with others to be considered a musician. That said, playing with others is extremely important in ones development. Just as practice and taking lessons are.

I played with a band for a few months last year and found my skills dropping off. The band played straight ahead rock and many of the grooves were repetitious.You can only play four on the floor so long before you start to stagnate. I got very bored playing the same stuff over and over.

I have also noticed that a few bands that I was in that I'd tend to work on band stuff and I neglected my own development. I got good at playing with the band, but didn't grow much outside of that box.

I think having a personal lock out is just as important, if not more so, than playing in a band. I go to auditions and find myself having to learn covers that may be different than what I'm comfortable playing, and that forces me to expand my abilities, but that depends a lot on the style of music, and the level of musicianship within that band. It can work the other way too.

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