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Default Re: Istanbul Agop Picture-Fest

Originally Posted by Latin Groover View Post
Wow they are all beautiful cymbals. A question with the TW rides though. Does it say TW somewhere on the ride? I cant seem to see it, otherwise how can you tell the difference between the SE and the SE TW?

Bilkay - How does that 20" SE with the rivets sound? I was thinking of getting a 21" SE and putting 2 rivets in, but now i think i might just get the Mel Lewis, as i know how it sounds, im wary of the what the results would be for the SE.
Well, I think that`d be an awesome option as well. For that I`d choose a light SE, with a woody stick definition, a smooth, dark and complex tone...but this is a personal preference of course. But hey, SE rides with rivets. Great idea!

Though I couldn`t drill holes into such a beautiful cymbal. lol


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