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Default Re: Istanbul Agop Picture-Fest

Originally Posted by Steamer View Post
I agree Bill that a variety of weights is a good thing but man do some of the beefier Agop rides sound simply amazing. Not sure in your travels you've come across a med. weight 21" SE but the one I came across at 2325g will only be parting company with me at the reading of the will. Think qualities of Elvin and Tony's rides with a great woody stick,nice clear musical bell and the beef to really project when needed.

My point was I just wish online buyers could hear a wider variety of weights of Agop rides and not just always the thiness ones possible and decide for themselves what catches their ear since some really take on a different character when they have a little more weight to them as I discovered with both Agop rides and hats
Yeah, I was initially taken by the thin rides but discovered over time that I liked the heavier ones, for the most part. Superstition Percussion carried heavier Agops when they were open- that's where I got the heavy 22" Signature. Since I have the heavier TWs, I haven't felt the need to go after a heavy SE but I may look for a heavy 22" (my favorite size ride).

I have some heavy Paiste rides, including a 22", 3000g Signature Rough ride. I also had a 22", 3260g Paiste Sound Creation Dark ride, which I sold to a friend, as well as a 20", 3000g Paiste Signature Dry Heavy ride. I also currently have a 22", 2960g Zildjian K Medium Dark ride that I really like.

But those rides are for another thread.....
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